Find News on Community Food Systems via!

Find News on Community Food Systems via!

Social Media can be helpful or overwhelming, depending on who you are and what you think about social media.

At the Community & Regional Food Systems Project, we are curating content on Community & Regional Food Systems as a way to keep up with current news and – hopefully – to provide collaborators with a ready source of news on selected topics.

We are experimenting with a tool that helps us curate content.! is a powerful search engine that finds content from newspapers, magazines, blogs, you-tube videos – you name it. We’ve specified the topics that we are looking for, and then our curator (me) goes through a list of sources suggested by! for those that are of interest to our project.

I also ‘scoop’ content that comes my way through listservs or other sources that I follow. In general, I cull content about topics related to food security and community-based food systems, including:

  • Food System supply chain
    • soil health and access to land
    • urban agriculture production
    • beginning and immigrant farmers
    • distribution and aggregation
    • marketing to improve access to local foods
    • composting and resource/waste recovery
  • Nutrition and health
    • school food
    • encouraging children to eat healthy foods
    • food safety
  • Food Justice and food sovereignty
  • Food Entrepreneurism
    • value-added processing
    • value-based marketing
  • Food Policy
    • municipal policy
    • Federal policy
  • Extension
    • research based publications from Extension
  • Food System Activities in Our Collaborating Cities
    • Boston
    • Cedar Rapids
    • Chicago
    • Detroit
    • Los Angeles
    • Madison
    • Milwaukee

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Just one more way to follow the news!