CRFS in Transition

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On January 31st, the Community and Regional Food Systems Project officially came to a close. Although our work with our community partners across the country has ended, we will continue to release resources created as a result of our collaboration over the past five years. You can find more information about these resources on the website homepage. We will maintain the links from the homepage and at the bottom of this post, however, we will no longer update the website with featured blog posts.

We encourage you to explore the Institute for Urban Agriculture and Nutrition (IUAN) and FoodLink Milwaukee as ways to stay in touch with others involved in food systems work. While IUAN and FoodLink are both based in Wisconsin, we know from experience that building connections with others nationwide can lead to innovative solutions to the challenges facing community food systems.
We are grateful for your support over the past five years and look forward to sharing the results of our work and the innovative work of our community partners with you.

For Further Information:

Learn more about our Community Food Systems Toolkit, upcoming book, Urban Agriculture Manual, and our community partners.
We hope you’ll stay in touch! Although we will no longer be updating the website with new content, you can drop us a line on Facebook. We also encourage you to explore our archive of YouTube videos featuring our community partners from around the country.