The Community Regional Food Systems (CRFS) Project and the PEOPLE program are partnering to create a summer high school workshop that focuses on food systems as a whole. The PEOPLE Program is a UW-Madison summer pre-college enrichment program for high school and middle school students.

Special detail will be paid to urban agriculture in particular and this invigorated movement’s role in community food systems.

Students will learn how food systems work within the scope of five main topics. These topics are Production, Economics, Public Policy, Social Relations, and Food & Nutrition. The class will have an overarching theme that ties all of these main topics together in a comprehensive manner. Careers and job creation opportunities in the food systems industry will also be emphasized throughout the course. Hands-on activities and field trips to relevant sites such as urban gardens and dairy operations will be integrated with classroom learning.

Learning outcomes and activities to guide these outcomes are being developed for each topic area and will be inclusive yet thematic so that students gain a broad but revealing educational experience on where their food comes from and how it gets from the field to their homes.

The “urban agriculture” curriculum will consist of five 2-hour class sessions that introduce students to urban agriculture. This curriculum is geared at rising 9th graders and seeks to familiarize them with many different topics related to growing food in an urban setting.

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