There are three phases to outreach efforts:

1) Communications and networking: through our web-site, blog, electronic newsletter, and list-serves, we will develop a web of communications (multi-directional) to share information and resources on building community and regional food systems.

2) Technical training programs: our project partner, Growing Power, sponsors an array of hands-on training workshops. We’ll work with Growing Power to expand the programs that are offered.

As our research activities progress, we will identify those information and training needs that are currently being unmet, and work with Extension professionals and community partners to develop training programs.

3) Curriculum and tool development: We’ll be developing metrics and evaluation tools for measuring successes in community and regional food systems. We’ll also be compiling and developing practical tools for practitioners (such as mapping, needs assessment, how-to manuals) that provide suggestions for innovative practices in community and regional food systems.

Download our project description.

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