What’s New


  • The first City Exchange conference call was held in September 2014.
  • Amanda Werhane joined the project in September 2014 as the new Research and Educational Technologist. Many thanks to Caroline Meikle for her years of service and especially for her development of this website.
  • Our Spring 2013 webinar series has been archived here.
  • The PEOPLE Program 2013 summer session included another urban agriculture class, expanding on what we did in 2012.
  • Read Project Co-PI Steve Ventura’s summary of the project and of major ‘themes’ that are emerging in our work.
  • Check out our current version of the Community & Regional Food Systems framework. The framework is a descriptive graphic that portrays the food system supply chain as embedded in social, economic, and natural environments, and which is driven by values and desired community outcomes.
  • Community Engagement Projects are on-going in Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, and Madison – these are projects of limited duration developed with community partners to advance food system activities
  • We have helped to launch the eXtension Community, Local, and Regional Food System Community of Practice
  • Research on urban agricultural production and food policy councils is ongoing. Researchers are involved in numerous research projects and will post updates on this research periodically.

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