Community Partners

We initially used the term Community Partners to refer to the organizations that lent their reputations to our grant application back in June 2010,  and committed to work with us if the project was funded.  We have asked these organizations to help us reach out to other local organizations, agencies and businesses in each of our seven case study cities in Years 1 and 2 of this 5-year project.

We hope to expand our list of Community Partners in each city as the project progresses.  These preliminary commitments and expectations have been proposed for defining the relationship between this project and our Community Partners.

  • Community Partners will have access to all project materials, including the full proposal and budget, and any documents, photos, video, etc. not protected by confidentiality agreements with individuals.
  • Community Partners will be kept informed and will have opportunities for providing input at regular intervals throughout the project.
  • Community Partners will have opportunities to review any written descriptions, photos, videos etc. pertaining themselves and their organizations prior to public dissemination.
  • Community Partners will support and facilitate our research by providing time for personal interviews to share their experience and knowledge.
  • Community Partners will allow us to list and link to their organizations on our project website.

We welcome feedback on this preliminary outline of commitments and expectations.



Center for Resilient Cities

Fondy Food Center

Growing Power, Inc

Milwaukee County Extension

Milwaukee Public Schools

Walnut Way


Chicago Food Policy Advisory Council

Growing Power – Chicago office


Detroit Black Community Food Security Network

Los Angeles

Community Services Unlimited, Inc.
Los Angeles Food Policy Council
University of California Cooperative Extension, Los Angeles County


The Food Project

Cedar Rapids, IA

Iowa Valley Resource, Conservation and Development (RC&D)

Madison, WI

Center for Resilient Cities

Community Groundworks


Women’s Environmental Institute

Minneapolis will not be a case study city, but this community-based organization will receive an Innovation Fund grant in Year 5 to further refine one or more components or the resulting tools of our CRFS Framework.

Kansas City

Cultivate Kansas City